Get Your Hair Done Right! No one does hair especially "ethnic" hair like Dominicans.
Dominican hairstylists have a reputation for mastering a variety of ethnic hair. 
Dominincan hair salons, why? Because Dominican hairstylists know how to deal
with their type of hair.

   The Dominicans attribute their knowledge and expertise to the racial mix of
the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean country of Spanish, African and Taino Indian influence.
Many of the Dominican hairstylists gained their skills as they took part in the 
island's cultural life, where women would sit under trees to shade from the sun  
to gossip while taking turns doing one another's hair, using natural products such as
aloe vera, avocados and
cocunut oil to control frizziness. Dominican hairstylists learn
about these secrets at an early age, some as early as nine and ten years old.

   The Dominicans' success is thanks to a reputation for straightening the curly hair of
Latinas, Blacks and other mixed races. They blow-dry to style it with round combs. Hot
curlers are banned from Dominican salons because they believe this process damages the hair.
Dominican hairstylists also do White women hair, which for them is very easy and quick,
but with Latino and Black hair, which can be curly, thicker or kinky, these hair
type need
more care and time. Dominican hairstylist specializes in healthy hair and their techniques
are a little different from traditional stylists. It has been said that after leaving 
a Dominican hair salon your hair strands will turn to silk!